Just Cross It

Just Cross It 1.1.3

Tap to move. Don't hit anything. Just Cross It! Free Arcade game for Android

Tap to move. Don't hit anything. Just Cross It! Free Arcade game for Android

Free arcade game for Android

Just Cross It - that sounds like an easy job but you may want to change your mind after trying. Just Cross It is an arcade style casual game that is easy to play but hard to master. Your task is to move forward and cross all the invisible lanes that are filled with enemies. Enemies are coming from left and right in many forms and in different patterns. Just tap to move and don't hit anything on the way to finish.


?Easy to learn, just tap to move forward

?Simple and beautiful design

?50 levels from easy to near impossible

?12 achievements that are rewarded with Google Play experience


?Save life with diamonds that you've collected

?Share your score with friends (email, Twitter, Facebook)

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Just Cross It can be compared to games like "Stack", "Stick Hero", "ZigZag", "Spider square", "Bird Climb" and other super casual games from Ketchapp or Boombit Games, but it has a few advantages that makes it a bit more interesting. Instead of just one endless level and always starting from beginning after dying, Just Cross It has multiple levels. All the levels are carefully planned (no random enemy generation) so that you are able to progress by learning from your previous mistakes.

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Just Cross It


Just Cross It 1.1.3

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